InfiniteHarvest Microgreens at Whole Foods Market

Infinite Harvest has partnered with Whole Foods Market to offer Infinite Harvest’s microgreens to health conscious consumers. Infinite Harvest uses non-GMO seeds, no pesticides, and no harmful chemicals and are a sustainable source of affordable natural food. Our microgreens are a perfect match to Whole Foods Market’s brand as they are “the organic capital of the world.”

Six varieties of Infinite Harvest’s microgreens are available at over 30 Whole Foods Market locations in seven states: Colorado, Utah, New Mexico, Kansas, Nebraska, Missouri, and Texas. Use our store locator to find the source for microgreens nearest you.

Rainbow Mix Microgreens Recipes

Typesof Microgreens at Whole Foods Markets

Kohlrabi microgreens are similar to cabbage in flavor. Red Rambo Radish is a spicy microgreens variety. Spicy Mix delivers a sharp, spicy flavor. Wasabi microgreens are mildly similar to the spiciness of a horseradish. Arugula microgreens are mild to spicy with horseradish notes. Mild Mix microgreens are a mix of cruciferous microgreens with a light, earthy flavor profile.


If you’re looking for inspiration on how to use your microgreens, check out our microgreens recipes. Some microgreens have very specific flavor profiles, but most can be simply tossed into a salad, layered into a sandwich or used as a garnish in cocktails or on dishes.

Try adding microgreens to your tried and true recipes; experiment with flavor and color. Be sure to take a photo of your microgreens recipes and tag @infiniteharvest on social to be featured.

Mircrogreens at Whole Foods Market locations