Infinite Harvest provides locally sourced produce and is truly sustainable agriculture.

Where Infinite Harvest is Sold

InfiniteMicro Arugula

Delicate, light green, heart-shaped leaves provide a classic nutty flavor, followed by slight horseradish notes. Consider Infinite Harvest’s Arugula as a borderline mild-to-spicy microgreen variety.

InfiniteBasil Microgreen

Infinite Harvest’s Basil Microgreen has a sweet‐spicy flavor. It can be used as a garnish on top of pizza, soups, pasta, and salads.

InfiniteMicro Cilantro

Bright green with intricate secondary leaf structure and a fresh, clean cilantro flavor profile, Infinite Harvest’s Micro Cilantro is harvested with the seed husk intact. This provides a unique and aromatic coriander crunch. It is considered a mild microgreen variety.

InfiniteWild Cabbage (Kohlrabi)

Infinite Harvest’s Micro Kohlrabi has delicate green leaves and is similar to cabbage in flavor. This is one of our most popular products!

InfiniteMicro Mild Mix

A mix of brassica or cruciferous greens, Infinite Harvest’s Micro Mild Mix can include kale, cabbage, kohlrabi, and broccoli, depending upon availability. The variation of leaf structures and colors makes for a great presentation, with a very light, earthy flavor profile.

InfiniteMicro Pea Tendrils

Infinite Harvest’s Micro Pea Tendrils are the young leaves, stems, and curled tendrils of the pea plant. They are deep green in color with a slightly sweet spring pea flavor profile are considered a mild microgreen variety.

Infinite Harvest’s Popcorn Microgreens will be a sweet and crunchy addition to your microgreens recipes.

InfinitePopcorn Microgreen

Infinite Harvest’s Popcorn Microgreens are sweet and crunchy with a bright yellow shoot. Use this as a colorful and crunchy garnish atop meat dishes, salads, desserts, and baked goods.

InfiniteRainbow Mix Microgreens

Infinite Harvest’s Rainbow Mix Microgreens are very colorful, with vibrant reds, greens, and yellows. They taste slightly sweet with an aromatic earthy flavor.

InfiniteMicro Red Rambo Radish

Infinite Harvest’s Micro Red Rambo Radish has beautiful color striation from green to purple throughout the leaves and stem. It conveys a classic bite of a French Breakfast Radish, yet is quick to dissipate. It is considered a spicy microgreen variety.

InfiniteMicro Scallions

Our Micro Scallions are soft but deliver an unmistakable spring green onion flavor.

InfiniteSpicy Mix

A beautiful, colorful mix of mustard greens, our Spicy Mix delivers a sharp, spicy flavor.

InfiniteStarflower (Borage)

Infinite Harvest’s refreshing starflower microgreen, also known as borage, has thick and crunchy leaves and tastes like delicious cucumbers. Enjoy borage on salads, use it as a mixed drink garnish, or add it to smoothies.
Starflower Microgreens

InfiniteSunflower Microgreen

Infinite Harvest’s Sunflower Microgreens have dense, crunchy leaves with a nutty flavor. Use our sunflower microgreens in sandwiches, soups, salads, and wraps.

InfiniteMicro Wasabi

Vibrant green ribbed leaves with a spicy, astringent flavor, our Micro Wasabi is mildly similar to the spiciness of horseradish. Perfect for use in sushi, atop miso, and in Asian-inspired dishes.

watercress microgreens by Infinite Harvest


Infinite Harvest’s Watercress microgreens are chock-full of nutrients and pack a bold and peppery flavor, with a unique sweet finish.

InfiniteBaby Red Romaine Lettuce

Small, compact and tender, baby red romaine lettuces are harvested before they reach full maturity.

They can be used in Caesar salad recipes or mixed salads with other lettuce varieties. Leaves can also be used as mini-taco shells.

Like Infinite Harvest’s other lettuces, our Baby Red Romaine has A, C, and K, and also contains potassium, iron, fiber, beta-carotene, manganese, and folate.

InfiniteBibb Lettuce

Bibb lettuce is generally synonymous with the varietals Butterhead or Boston lettuce and is categorized as a head lettuce.

It is an alternative to iceberg lettuce which has very little, if any, nutritional value.

Infinite Harvest Bibb Lettuce is chock-full of vitamins A, C, and K.

InfiniteRed Oakleaf Lettuce

Like its name denotes, the leaves of Infinite Harvest’s Red Oakleaf Lettuce are red and shaped like an oak leaf.

Add it to a sandwich or toss into a salad of greens for a bit of extra flavor and color. It can also be braised, boiled, or sautéed.

In addition to vitamins A, C, and K, our Red Oakleaf Lettuce also has anti-inflammatory properties.

InfiniteSweet Crisp Lettuce

Infinite Harvest Sweet Crisp Lettuce is crisp like romaine, sweet in flavor, but without any bitterness. Use it as a base in crunchy salads.

All Infinite Harvest lettuces are “living lettuces” and are sold with their small root balls still attached to the lettuce head. This allows moisture and nutrients to continue to feed the lettuce, which increases freshness and shelf life.