Feeding the Future, Today
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Infinite Harvest

Infinite Harvest is an indoor hydroponic vertical farm located in Lakewood, Colorado. Through our unique growing system we provide fresh and nutritious produce year-round that is consistent in flavor and superior in quality, all grown with little environmental impact. We sell our products to local restaurants and food markets along the Colorado Front Range. Ask your favorite retailer if they offer our products and see what delicious foods can be made with our products.


Infinite Harvest and the Future of Food Production

The ability to grow food and feed people today is becoming more difficult every year. Diminishing farm land contends with erratic weather patterns, growing population and diminishing natural resources. Localized farming and urban farming are two solutions to feed local populations with fresh food while sustainable agriculture and organic farming are movements to combat environmental damage caused by large scale farming. Infinite Harvest hits the sweet spot between all these farming movements.

As an Indoor vertical farm, Infinite Harvest is able to grow produce all year long and in places where farming could never occur – in large cities and industrialized communities, in vast desserts and mountainous regions. By building vertical farms anywhere, we can feed people everywhere. Equally important, the environmental impact of Infinite Harvest’s vertical farm is significantly less than that of a traditional farm, even an organic farm.

Infinite Harvest’s year round growing cycles means seasonality is no longer an issue. Want to eat arugula in July or March, with Infinite Harvest that is no problem; neither is Thai Basil in December or Micro Greens in April or Bibb Lettuce in October. This is a game changer for restaurants and their customers. We provide local, farm fresh and high-quality produce at any time of the year because at Infinite Harvest, it’s always the growing season.

The Infinite Harvest mission is:

Improving the way local produce is grown worldwide for a sustainable future through innovation and advanced technology.