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Infinite Harvest Grows Great Food All Year Long

Infinite Harvest proudly grows several types of produce and we grow them all year round. There is no seasonality with our products; you can have basil in January and arugula in March and kale anytime you want. Yield after yield, our products are consistent and high-quality. Our produce is always delivered fresh because we deliver in a temperature-controlled van the same day we harvest and within a 50-mile radius of our location. No matter the time of year, at Infinite Harvest, it’s always the growing season.

Eating produce grown at Infinite Harvest is like eating produce right at the farm. That’s because of the specific care we take with our plants throughout their grow cycle. We use non-GMO seeds and our plants are grown in an herbicide and pesticide-free environment. Growing the produce in a hydroponic system means there is no soil and the plants receive all their nutrients via a root level watering. Because of Infinite Harvest’s hydroponic system, our plants have all the moisture they need and their shelf life is considerably longer than traditionally grown produce. It also means we use considerably less resources to grow our plants.

As you can see, Infinite Harvest provides locally sourced produce and is truly sustainable agriculture. The produce are the stars of our indoor farm, and they are …

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Infinite Harvest Bibb lettuce:
Baby Bibb Lettuce

Bibb lettuce is generally synonymous with varietals Butterhead or Boston lettuce and is categorized as a Head Lettuce. It is an alternative to Iceberg lettuce which has very little, if any, nutritional value. Comparatively, Bibb Lettuce is chalk full of vitamins A, C, and K. Also, because Infinite Harvest’s Bibb Lettuce is grown without soil it arrives clean, eliminating the need for repetitive washing.

Infinite Harvest Micro Arugula:
Micro Arugula

Delicate, light green, heart-shaped leaves provide a classic nutty flavor, followed by slight horseradish notes. We consider it a borderline mild to spicy microgreen variety.


Infinite Harvest Micro Red Rambo Radish:
Micro Red Rambo Radish

Beautiful color striation from green to purple throughout the leaves and stem. Classic bite of a French Breakfast Radish, yet quick to dissipate. Considered a spicy microgreen variety.

Infinite Harvest Micro Curly Cress:
Micro Curly Cress

Akin to Pepper Cress, our Curly Cress presents with tiny ornate leaf structure, a light, herbal fragrance, and a sweet, peppery flavor profile. We consider it a borderline mild to spicy microgreen variety.

Infinite Harvest Micro Cilantro:
Micro Cilantro

Bright green with intricate secondary leaf structure and a fresh, clean cilantro flavor profile. Our micro cilantro is harvested with the seed husk intact, providing a unique and aromatic coriander crunch. Considered a mild microgreen variety.

Infinite Harvest Micro Garnet Mustard:
Micro Garnet Mustard Greens

A mild and fresh mustard flavor on the surface, followed by a delayed build into unmistakable Chinese mustard-like heat that lingers. Colorful blend of green and dark purple first growth leaves and speckled second growth leaves. Definitely a spicy microgreen variety.

Infinite Harvest Micro Red Amaranth:
Micro Red Amaranth

With a soft, beet-like flavor, our Red Amaranth stars as a colorful addition to any dish with it’s deep ruby color. Considered a very mild microgreen variety.

Infinite Harvest Micro Bull's Blood:
Micro Bull's Blood

Subtle, earthy beet flavor with vibrant red stems and dark green leaves.  Bull's Blood is popular for adding color to dishes without an overpowering flavor profile.  Considered a mild microgreen variety.

Infinite Harvest Micro Pea Tendrils:
Micro Pea Tendrils

The young leaves, stems, and curled tendrils of the pea plant.  Deep green in color with a slightly sweet spring pea flavor profile.  Considered a mild microgreen variety.

Infinite Harvest Micro Chervil:
Micro Chervil

Deep green with an ornate secondary leaf structure similar to a carrot-top. It’s light, sweet herbal flavors are often compared to tarragon, anise, and licorice, though much less pungent. Considered a mild microgreen variety.

Infinite Harvest Micro Mild Mix:
Micro Mild Mix

A mix of brassica or cruciferous greens including (but not limited to*) Kale, Cabbage, Kohlrabi, and Broccoli. The variation of leaf structures and colors makes for a great presentation, with a very light, earthy flavor profile. *Mix can vary based on availability.

Infinite Harvest Micro Spicy Mix:
Micro Spicy Mix

A colorful red and green blend of mustard greens including (but not limited to*) Suehlihung, Golden Frills, and Garnet varieties. Light, Chinese mustard and horseradish flavor profiles and varying leaf structures make this a beautiful way to add a little pop to dishes. *Mix can vary based on availability.


Infinite Harvest Product Care Instructions

Your Infinite Harvest produce has been freshly harvested and brought to you from our hydroponic vertical farm in Lakewood, Colorado. As we are an herbicide and pesticide free, highly controlled environment, we do not believe washing is necessary, but please abide by your local Health Department Regulations.



If you encounter any quality issues, please contact our Sales Manager Kurt Peter, so we can fix it!


cell: (303)668-7574


Thank You for buying local and supporting Infinite Harvest!